Friday, June 18, 2010

tall tales

A Goofy Adventure

One normal, sunny day, this weird looking dog named Goofy was walking to the park. Goofy was 16 feet tall and weighed 65 pounds. He went to the park to see his friend Mickey Mouse sitting on a nearby bench deep in conversation with with Donald Duck. Goofy wanted to brighten up the environment, so he went home to drive his wrecking ball truck toward the park.
At the moment, no policeman, so no one noticed that a huge truck was heading for the park. At the moment, Goofy's truck pulled up into the park. He shouted "DUCK!" to Mickey and Donald. Mickey immediately ducked, but Donald seemed confused. CRASH! The wrecking ball bashed Donald into the ground. Goofy chuckled at the scene, but Mickey was not amused.
After they too Donald to the hospital, Mickey went home. Goofy went home too, thinking of another trick for tomorrow.

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