Sunday, November 29, 2009


Skiing with me!

Yesterday my family and I went to Boreal to ski. I was taking a beginner package and had to go to a lesson. On the lesson the teacher told us that you are supposed to ski without your ski poles. And we got to take the lift up the mountain.
The teacher told us to stretch your arms forward so you do not fall. He also told us to make a pizza form with your skis to stop. The teacher was very nice and helped us a lot. After showing us how to stop and how to stay balanced, he told us how to turn by making a nail shaped form with your skis and how to increase your speed by turning your ski into a straight-forward position.
After letting us down hill twice, he told us to increase in speed. Another boy and I slid down the mountain without out falling, while the other girls were rolling down the hills in snow balls!Then, at the end of the lesson, the teacher gave us some thank you cards and some coupons the next time we come. I had a lot of fun!
So, after reading, you might wonder : What is this passage about? Well, I will answer that question by telling you this: This passage is part journal, part lesson. The lesson I have taught you is how to ski. Well, happy skiing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

digital etiquitte ( Today's Video)

Digital Etiquette with Tim&Moby

What is digital etiquette? Will digital etiquette, or netiquette, is a series of rules about how to behave online. Like saying sorry if you bump into someone in the digital world or saying sorry if you accidentally gave someone a message like you stink or something. As a matter of fact, it is a lot like the real life etiquette. Digital etiquette is very important in the digital world because you should follow it in digital games, email, blogs, and even chat spots.
BUT, some people might go out of control the minute they jump online. They can spread bad messages on social sites called flames. If the social site is really popular and a lot of people see it, It might become a full on flamewars and every one starts to give out bad messages that they would never say in person. To make matters worse, some people just go around the internet looking to start flamewars. We call these people trolls. Pretty good name for them. Hun? But I personally doesn't think that the troll become a meaner person, they just forget the rules.
On the internet, it is pretty easy to stay anonymous, or unidentified. Having a secret identity can make people really brave. If you tell someone that he is a sucker or something, And he sees your account and the list your name as a icon or a silly thing, like 6u347583757628267**(BLEEP), the victim might forget that he is dealing with a real person. Just like in real life, treat others the way you wanted to be treated on the internet.
BUT, digital etiquette isn't just about being nice, but also communicating clearly. To communicate clearly, please stay to the point and make things easy to read. Like: Hi ms. Enrico. W b l8 for class 2day. See u l8r! From, Guy. See? Can you identify that? Here is the key:Hi Miss.Enrico, Will be late for class today. See you later! That is why you should talk clearly. And please, don't write in all capitals. It will look like you are shouting.
Remember that the internet has a lot of creeps too. But have fun.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Video

Fossils with Tim&Moby

Moby dug out a bone and thought that it was a fossil, but it belonged to the dog next door. But what makes a fossil, a fossil? A fossil is the remains of an animal. Fossils are usually millions of years old and found deep underground. But, not all living organisms gets fossilized after it dies, in fact, it is a really rare thing that happens. Fossilization happens when something that died got a quick burial or something.
A body fossil is the part of the original organism that has been preserved, like a beetle, trapped in tree sap. Over time, the sap hardens and now, it is a body fossil! Body fossils are found where bacteria and other things that break down organisms can't thrive. Body fossil can also form when a animal dies in the dessert or gets frozen in ice or trapped in a tar pit. Body fossils are the rarest fossil kinds of all.
A trace fossil is the most common type of fossils. It can be footprints of an animal, nests, bite marks, and even animal poop.
Another type of fossil forms when an animal dies and is immediately covered by earth, mud, or sand. The mud covering turns into solid rock after many years. the hardest parts of an animal like it's bones and shells, don't decay for thousands of years. When they do, they left a mold in the rock called a mold fossil, a hollow print. Most of of the time, water will bobble up the mold, filling it with minerals. Over time, the minerals turn into rock, leaving a cast fossil. The cast fossil looks exactly like the original bone or shell.
Also, there is fossil fuels. All the oil, gas, and coal on earth are formed by remains of plants and animals. For example, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, the earth is covered by tropical swamps. When the trees that lived with the swamp died, it sank to the bottom of the swamp. In the swamp, they slowly decompose and everything form into a soggy, spongy thing called peat. Eventually, the peat gets buried under layers and layers of rock. The heat and pressure takes place and after millions of years, peat turn into coal!
We can study a lot about fossils. By looking at the fossil record, we can learn about the entire history of life on earth! The fossil record is just a fancy saying for the total we know about fossils.
Fossils are great things to study. See if you can find the 11th fossil of Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's video

Social networking with Tim&Moby

Moby is having his birthday party, but how can he get people to know? Use social networking. Social networking is like a chat place where you can connect to lots of people that you know. You can find friends on social sites by finding people who has the same hobby as you, or even is your friend from school. Some of the social sites that you might know about is :, or but for whatever reasons, you should always let your parents know that you are registering a chat website.
The first thing you do on a chat website is to create a profile of yourself. And now, you can chat! Some people like to put images on their profiles, but don;t show anything you don't want to let anyone else know. If a stranger talks to you or tries to chat, please deny it.
Chatting on the internet is really fun, and Moby's party is saved!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today's Video

Bullying with Tim&Moby

You have probably read the passage where I talk about cyber bullying, well, this is almost being the same. Bullies are mean people who thinks that they have some kind of hold over you. The things that bullies do are: name calling, leaving you out on things, force you to do something you don't want, or physically hurting you. The best thing to do is to tell an adult. What you can do is to walk away, get with friends, and even tell your friends about you getting hurt. Some bullies don't even think your feelings are changing at all! So now, the last part of the passage, don't do something bad to another person for no reason. But it is good when you do things good to others with no reason. Now that makes you a better person!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's Video

Internet with Tim&Moby

The internet is actually a network of connected computers. It has 2 or more computers connected to communicate with each other. Nobody was sure when internet started because a lot of people were working on the same idea at the same time period. Most people thinks that what started it all was something called DARPA. That is a research group for the military of defense. In the late 1960s, scientists at DARPA created ARPANET, which allowed 4 California universities to share information with each other. In the 1970s, the ARPANET grew and grew and finally in the 1980s, became part of the internet we use today.
When you log on to the internet, you becomes part of the largest network on earth! Every computer on the internet is either a client, or server. A server is a computer that serves other computers like selling toys or having videos. Brainpop is a server. You are now using a server computer to see my blog. It makes a way for you to move to the serving computer. But, a client computer does not connect directly to a server. Client computers does not really know how to find a server, so it travels through the computers in between the client and server to relay requests.
When you try to go to a server, you have to first type in the URL on the address bar. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Every web page on the internet has it's own URL. When you hit enter on your keyboard, you are telling your ISP that you want to see the server's homepage. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. ISP is a server that allows you to get on to the internet. Most of them charges you a monthly fee for the service they provide. Then the ISP sends your request to it's DNS, or Domain Name Server. The DNS is like a phone book for computers. The DNS searches for the address name you provided. Once the name is found, The DNS will know the web page's IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is a serious of numbers that computers use to communicate with each other. In stead of regular address like street names and houses, the IP address look something like this:65.15620.543.It may look like total nonsense to us but it tells the computer exactly where to the web page. Once your request is found, the DNS sends the request to your ISP's backbone. It is a high speed line connected to all the computers. Your request bounce from one computer to another until it reaches the page you want to find. When the server page receives your request it sends the link back along a similar route. Finally, you are looking at the page you wanted.
All this happens in a matter of seconds!! Now it seems that the internet is pretty interesting, is it?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

today's image

Monastery Window, Ladakh.

Monastery in northern Ladakh, winter morning. The white snow outside is just great. The large mountains, White snow, You should really visit Ladakh!!! Live in log cabins! Hike mountains!(:(;