Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hiking with me!


Today at 11:30, my dad and I set out to hike at mission peak. We did not bring much: A can of cola, a figure, a can of tortilla chips, and a bottle of clear water. I didn't thought that hiking was exciting as it sounds, but it turned out as one of the greatest spectacles of my life.

As I said before, we sat out at 11:30, and we got into the car. The ride from San Jose to Fremont was boring, and I thought that the ride would never end. When we finally got there, we had to hike 20 feet or so to reach the start of the trail, and the muscles on my legs are bounding together tightly.
When we started on the trail, the hike seemed forever and the trail kept on getting curvier and curvier, then we noticed the shortcut. It was steep and skinny, just like any shortcut is like. But we made it through and reached the first bench.
At the first bench, we took pictures of each other and had some water. That is when I started to drink cola. I took a few pictures of my figure, and sat off once again. My dad warned me about drinking too much cola, my legs would hurt badly, and of course I did not listen, but I regretted that later.
After going through a few more shortcuts and dodging several pieces of cow poop on the trail, we finally made it to the second bench. There we took more pictures of my figure, had some water, observed the wild life, and took some pictures of the cows eating grass around us. We decided to get off the mountain now, so we started moving down. That is when the cola effect came. My leg started hurting, and we then had to slowly go down the mountain.
When we got back into the car to go back home, it was 3:00 in the afternoon. And when we finally got home, it was 5:00 already. But me and my dad had a great time, and that is the end of our hiking adventure.