Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today's activity

Christmas with me!!

My Christmas was really fun. I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning to find my stocking filled with toys. I was really happy. I got a Kaijyu figure, a box of chocolate, and a pogo stick. When my parents woke up, I asked my dad to take me outside to play with my pogo stick. I had a great time.
Then my parents and me went to Fremont to look for a future house to buy. I fell asleep on the car. When I woke up, I was hungered to death. After what seemed like 2 hours, we finally found a fast food place for me to eat. When we continued. I was too sick to climb on the mountains, so we went home.
After a long day, we went home. My parents were exhausted, so they took a nap. While I played with my figures. By 6 o'clock, we ate dinner. Then at 11 o'clock, me and dad watched a movie together. And that is the end of my great day.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today's Video

Surrealism with Tim&Moby

Surrealism, in a nutshell, is dealing with the relationship between the real world, the imaginary world, and the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that is active while you are dreaming. That is why a lot of surreal art has a sort of a dream like quality.
In a surreal art, the people, object, or animal is drawn in a realistic way. But these things are put together in a unreal or impossible way. Surreal art wasn;t just one art, it was a whole movement. There are surrealistic books, poems, music, and even movies. It is a pretty long story about how surrealism started.
The first few decades, or ten years, of the twentieth century was a revolutionary period. Electricity, the telephone, the radio, and the automobile, all these inventions took off in the year 1900 to 1920. And with the world war one going around at the same time, the world have just like changed in a short time! There was also a revolution of ideas. Albert Einstein redefined our understanding of time and space. Sigmund Freud, the father of cytology, started studying people's dreams. He had some radical ideas about what is happening in people's minds. Freud had a big impact on the surrealists at that time. During that time, artists were struggling to find ideas to express the world around them. The surrealists were a big part of this revolution. Surrealism, which reached it's peak in the 1920s to 30s, rejected the everyday world and created a reality based on the artists mind. The idea was, if we can reproduce the thoughts and the activity of the subconscious, artists can create art that is even more truthful and interesting than the real world. It is kind of hard to understand, but Moby can make it easy with all you readers.
The famous picture of a man with a tie and a hat with a apple in front of his face, that is a surreal art by a surrealist named Rene Magritte. Another piece , called the persistence of memory, the one that you might know with the melting clocks, is painted in 1931 by the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. Dali is probably the most know surrealist of all time because of his paintings and his surreal attitude. Dali's point is that people in the real world believe that time is rigid, straight, and unflexable. But to him, time is not a rigid thing. It is soft, flexible, and organic. Almost like a piece of soft cheese.
What ever it is, surrealism is fun to study and try. Recopy Dali's painting and put Moby's face on where the watches are supposed to be!Ha!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Today's video

Asthma with Tim&Moby

Asthma is a common condition of the lungs. People who has asthma can experience coughing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest. But having a cough does not mean you have asthma. When we breath, air is sucked into narrower and narrower into hundreds of little sacs called alveoli. In here, blood if refreshed with oxygen and carbon dioxide is expelled.
But the air that we breath is not always as fresh as it could be. There is bunches of gunk in it like smoke, pollution, mold, pollen, pet dandruff, dust particles, the list goes on for ever with the mutating viruses!(See the swine flu entry for more info)To people with asthma, these gunk trigger an asthma attack. Attacks like this can also be triggered through exercise, food allergies, weather conditions, and even strong emotions. It just depend on the people.
During an asthma attack, the lung air ways gets irritated. When the cells in the air ways detects a trigger, it overreacts and spits out chemicals to make the mucus production increase, causing the airways to swell. The swelling and mucus makes the airways narrower and narrower that is hard to breath. That is why people with asthma keep their inhalers handy at all times. When an asthma attack happens, the medicine in the inhalers go inside the airways and reduce the airway swelling to make breathing easier. Checking your peek flow meter daily is good, too. Doctors are really good at diagnosing, and treating asthma. That is good because then people with asthma can now run around and do all sorts of stuff. There is even Olympic sports champions with asthma too to show you how treatable it is.
Even because the asthma is a common conditions to the lungs, it is still easily treatable. Have a nice day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's video

Swine Flu with Tim&Moby

Lately in this term of the century, there has been worries about a Swine Flu outbreak. An outbreak is when a flu spreads quickly across a population. But you know what,you cannot get swine flu from any properly cooked pork or pig product. Which means that it is okay to eat bacon. Now that the scientists are convinced that this is not a swine flu at all!
Like all viruses, the swine flu is created by the influenza virus. There are many strains, or version of the influenza virus. Each one is slightly different than the last. Some of the virus make us sick with a mixture of fever, coiffing, body acks, upset stomach, throwing up, and diarrhea that make us have a flu. Some viruses only affects birds giving them avian flu. Swine flu comes from viruses that only affect pigs. But sometimes, the flu that are usually for animals can mutate into viruses that harm us. Scientists now believe that the swine flu right now is made from combining 4 viruses that contain two swine, one avian, and one human. That is why scientists call the swine flu h1n1. Once a virus mutates, it could spread from infected pigs to farmers that made direct contacts with them. Then the virus start spreading around other people. The original case started in Mexico but it wasn't thought to be where h1n1 was created. What ever happened, it quickly spread across the world.
For whatever reasons, the h1n1 is pretty bad. But it cures pretty easily. Chock on bacon, Moby!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today's video

Laser with Tim&Moby

How do you make a laser? The word laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In modern days, you can find laser used everywhere.
A laser beam is a powerful beam of coherent light. In that phrase, it means that the light is traveling all in one direction. A laser light is created from a lasing medium, it can be solid, liquid, or even gas like. The atoms in the lasing medium is made into a excited form by two power cords, like electricity. After the atoms absorbed enough energy, the will have to release it in a photon, a single unit of energy. When an photon is released, it will bump into other atoms, causing them to also release another photon of the same pattern. Mirrors at both ends of the laser bounce the photons back and forth, back and forth. And then, you got a huge amount of coherent light inside the laser. One of the mirrors is only half silver, and that allows a hard, solid stream of light to pass through. And that is why a laser light is so special.
A light bulb sends different waves of light in all directions. Those lights, which we see as color, combine together to make a giant mass of white. Laser light is only one color, and always focused. They can be used for a lot, like playing music to communication to measuring distances and even to delicate medical procedures. Some lasers are even hot enough to cut through metal!Lasers are also used for a lot of thing you couldn't imagine! You can use them to make holograms. Doctors use lasers to treat eye problems by dong a thing called LASIK, grocery stores use them to scan bar codes, and you can even get to scare a cat! Because lasers are so cheap these days.
Lasers are sure fun to study. Check out Moby with a light saber!