Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Montery Bay Aquarium

Today I went to the Monterrey Bay aquarium at 12 o'clock. It was a great place to be! For those of you who thinks that the aquarium is boring, you are about to be in a shock to see how great this giant structure is as an aquarium.
First of all the souvenir shop has many different kinds of great toys and plush animals and stuff you would have always wanted to get. and what I got over there so far is a octopus ball, which has an octopus inside a clear, large bouncy ball. And also, a plush otter, which is and baby otter holding a star fish. But now they only have sea otters with shells, so I actually got a limited edition. hurray! And now, moving on to the exhibits.
First of all, the deep edge, which is home to two large main attractions: the giant octopuses. From my experience, you have to go there early to see the octopuses move, and I arrived late to see them sleeping.Shame! But beside the octopuses, there is the giant sheep crab, which gives me the feeling that spiders are wearing armor. The sheep crab stands there all day, wanting attention, pride, and faces to stare at it. Then we look at the liner and the eel, which are moving through the tank. Finally! Something that moves!
Now we look at the kelp forest, which is home to many different kinds of sea life, but nothing much to talk about.
We go swimming with the jellies in the jelly displays, which shows many kinds of jellies swimming around. And wait till you hear this: We saw one fallen tentacle of a jelly fish suddenly became another jelly fish! How amazing!
Now we go to the outer bay to see some cool stuff: Tunas as big as adult humans! giant ocean sunfishes that crash open walls! and giant tiger sharks.
The tunas are virtually harmless, and the sunfish cracked a hole in the wall, but the workers took care of that, and the tiger sharks battle barracudas! Guess who wins! And it's : the hammer head shark! WOW!
At the otter stadium, no otters are fighting, but sleeping! But who would want to wake these peacefully sleeping otters up?
At the final part: The touch pool, we got to touch: The devastator crabs! And who would have thought that we didn't get devastated! Ha!
So that was my great visit to the aquarium! Hope you like this review! And now, go out there are see what you can discover at the aquarium! This is yaoyao9 signing off! Bye!