Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairy adventure 2


C-3p0 was just a ordinary robot going on a trip to Mars when a giant insect beat him up. Then a meteor comes and scrapes him off his spaceship. Then a mongoose shows up and ate him.
C-3p0 found himself with a fairy, yes, the same one that saved Bob. C-3p0 became friends with the fairy and had a great time.
C-3p0 went to Mars. It was very weird that a fairy would just come up and help him, but how could an ordinary Joe like himself see a fairy like this? C-3p0 decided to kill the fairy and grabbed his AK-46 and went to see the fairy. The fairy was asleep, fortunately, and C-3p0 fired a shot. To his surprise, the fairy vanished and appeared again behind him. "Aha! so you were trying to kill me like that idiotic loon Bob tried too. But no, I will kill you!" The fairy lunged at C-3p0 and stole his gun. Before the robot could put two plus two together, BAM! And C-3p0 was no more.
The fairy let out a deep grunt and went back to sleep. Curse those fools, he thought. They are too dangerous. I will never save anyone again.

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