Thursday, June 17, 2010

detailed review


First of all, the box. The cover of this box has a nice picture of PIRUK standing on a barren grass land, while on the back, it shows all six MATORAN sets with a detailed map of Voya-Nui in the middle. The box is made out of light brown cardboard paper.
Next, the toy. The toy includes 1 mask made of dark green plastic, two silver claws, six dark green hands, three dark green feet, four transparent neon green teeth, one black leg piece, one warm grey head, and four grey arm/leg pieces, with an attachment of a double connector piece.
Lastly, the possibility. Piruk is not the best of the Matoran, but he isn't that bad either, for you may be able to do all sorts of cool poses of him.
Well, that is my review! Hope that you may want him for your toy shelf someday!

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