Sunday, March 13, 2011

Debate Over Armor Hero Emperor


Today was the memorial third week that I started playing Armor Hero Online. The effects have the game's VIP system is incredibly attractive to some fools who are willing to spend actual cash to obtain the most powerful character in the game. I am not one of these lulus. The fact that many people can be cheated of their money because of a virtual videogame character from cyber space amuses me. Why do you need such a good character? Here is one of the boss stats I found on the internet:

Mutant Sea Cucumber
level 25
hp 400
damadge 10

See??? These boss characters are so weak, you can beat them up without even transforming into an Armor Hero! So, if that is the case, why do you need to buy the most powerful character anyway? Are you going to prevent being bakas who cashed in tons of moolah for a virtual character ever? Please! Don't fall into the trap made the game websites that own Armor Hero OL! Remeber, be smart. Don't, I repeat, Don't fall into their trap!!!

P.S. While the debate/warning above is completely made of facts, the author of this article strongly urge you to play Armor Hero OL. He thinks it is a great game.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Good News& Bad News

Hello everyone! I have to tell you the bad news that my big turtle died last week. It was sad and I went to his funeral. But the good thing is that I have a Wikipedia account now!!!! Check me out at ! Thanks!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pet Turtles

Finally! After such a long time, I finally got my own pet turtles!!!!
I have got two turtles, one is small, and one is big.They are both really cool turtles and I like them.
The small one is the hardest one to take care of since he got a fever. It has been going well since I put a piece of medicine in his tank and now he is getting better. The big one is easier to take care of since he is more matured than the smaller one, and of course, the big one is not sick.
Even big turtles are hard to take care of. They have to be constantly fed and their tanks have to be constantly cleaned. Which is why they are often donated to animal shelters because their owners find them too much to handle.
Well, that is all I have to say about my turtles. I hope they live long and well. And that is the end.

Friday, June 18, 2010

tall tales

A Goofy Adventure

One normal, sunny day, this weird looking dog named Goofy was walking to the park. Goofy was 16 feet tall and weighed 65 pounds. He went to the park to see his friend Mickey Mouse sitting on a nearby bench deep in conversation with with Donald Duck. Goofy wanted to brighten up the environment, so he went home to drive his wrecking ball truck toward the park.
At the moment, no policeman, so no one noticed that a huge truck was heading for the park. At the moment, Goofy's truck pulled up into the park. He shouted "DUCK!" to Mickey and Donald. Mickey immediately ducked, but Donald seemed confused. CRASH! The wrecking ball bashed Donald into the ground. Goofy chuckled at the scene, but Mickey was not amused.
After they too Donald to the hospital, Mickey went home. Goofy went home too, thinking of another trick for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

detailed review


First of all, the box. The cover of this box has a nice picture of PIRUK standing on a barren grass land, while on the back, it shows all six MATORAN sets with a detailed map of Voya-Nui in the middle. The box is made out of light brown cardboard paper.
Next, the toy. The toy includes 1 mask made of dark green plastic, two silver claws, six dark green hands, three dark green feet, four transparent neon green teeth, one black leg piece, one warm grey head, and four grey arm/leg pieces, with an attachment of a double connector piece.
Lastly, the possibility. Piruk is not the best of the Matoran, but he isn't that bad either, for you may be able to do all sorts of cool poses of him.
Well, that is my review! Hope that you may want him for your toy shelf someday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

final fairy adventure!

The fairy lay in bed, thinking. Bob was a pathetic fool who can't do anything,and C-3p0 was another useless robot. They have treated him too badly to continue living. "and now," thought the fairy,"I am going to destroy earth and all of it's stupid civilizations, and no one can stop me!" With that thought, the fairy teleported to earth for a final confrontation.
The fairy traveled to earth with a fairy gun, capable of distingrating anything with a shot. When the fairy got to earth, however, he was treated warmly and became friends with the humans, after that, the fairy went home.
The fairy liked the humans, and came back every day, providing wast knowledge and letting them do experiments on himself. Fairy thought the humans aren't that bad after all.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairy adventure 2


C-3p0 was just a ordinary robot going on a trip to Mars when a giant insect beat him up. Then a meteor comes and scrapes him off his spaceship. Then a mongoose shows up and ate him.
C-3p0 found himself with a fairy, yes, the same one that saved Bob. C-3p0 became friends with the fairy and had a great time.
C-3p0 went to Mars. It was very weird that a fairy would just come up and help him, but how could an ordinary Joe like himself see a fairy like this? C-3p0 decided to kill the fairy and grabbed his AK-46 and went to see the fairy. The fairy was asleep, fortunately, and C-3p0 fired a shot. To his surprise, the fairy vanished and appeared again behind him. "Aha! so you were trying to kill me like that idiotic loon Bob tried too. But no, I will kill you!" The fairy lunged at C-3p0 and stole his gun. Before the robot could put two plus two together, BAM! And C-3p0 was no more.
The fairy let out a deep grunt and went back to sleep. Curse those fools, he thought. They are too dangerous. I will never save anyone again.